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Dr. Klaus Manhart


Englischsprachige Aufsätze / English Papers

Faszination Forschung  [30 / 2023]
Resolving Conflicts between AI and Ethics
[PDF, free of cost]
While AI harbors tremendous potential for African countries, its use can sometimes present different ethical and social challenges than in more industrial nations. A team at the Institute of Ethics in Artificial Intelligence has co-founded a platform that brings African AI experts together - and promotes ethical, sustainable AI development.

Scientific American Mind [December 2004]
The Limits of Multitasking
[PDF, with costs, 7.95 Dollar]
Reading E-Mail, sorting data and talking at the phone at once - multitasking clearly saves time in a fast-paced world - or does it? The possibilities and limits of human multitasking.

Scientific American Mind [October 2005]
The Joy of Risk: Lust for Danger
[PDF, free of cost]
A ruinous night at the roulette table. A bungee jump into an abyss. Such actions defy human reason, but we still seek the thrill. The quest to explain why we lust for danger has ebbed and flowed over the years. But as our understanding has progressed, it has become evident that humans are driven to take risks - and the more that they do, the more likely they are to thrive.

Scientific American Mind [December 2005]
Likely Story - The Origin of Myths
[PDF, with costs, 7.95 Dollar]
Why is it so easy for us to buy into mythology? In part, because certain functions of our brain insist on imposing order and purpose on our otherwise puzzling surroundings. No matter how rational and enlightened we attempt to be, our brains cannot resist the urge to embrace metaphysical relations.

Scientific American Mind [April 2006]
Friendship - Good Friends prolong our Life 
[PDF, with costs, 7.95 Dollar]
Psychologists have long known that having a set of cherished companions is crucial to mental well-being. In addition, recent studies concluded that our chums even help to prolong our lives.